Saturday, November 12th, 2022
It's time for soup and chili! Come out to see us Saturday November 12th to get some of our famous chili or yummy soups. Besides chili we will have chicken noodle soip and broccoli cheddar. Our s...
This weekend is the Hereford Fall Fest - Saturday, October 15th 10am to 6pm and Sunday, October 16th 10am to 5pm. Come see us and get some of our famous chili!
Saturday, September 24th, 2022
Come join us at the Ambulance Station for Pit Beef this Saturday (September 24th). We will be selling our pit beef, ham and turkey sandwiches from 11am to 2pm or until we sell out, as has happened in...
Saturday, September 10th, 2022
Come on down and join us for Lunch in the Holler. Saturday September 10th 11am to 2pm. We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, chips and soda. Come support your local EMS station and get a ...
Become a Member


Why Should I Become a MEMBER?

Volunteering is a wonderful way to do something for your community.  Joining HVAA can be a rewarding experience.  We offer some of the newest and up to date equipment in Baltimore County including: Two Advanced Life Support ambulances (2018 and a 2015),  LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System (Mechanical CPR Device), and an off-road EMS ATV.

Our station offers a place to come to work, train, or relax with new found friends and maybe help a community member in need.  While on duty, many of our members use the station as a place to do school work, watch movies, or send personal e-mails.  Some features of our station include:  A full kitchen, two bunk rooms, three private bathrooms and two showers, washer and dryer, a fire pit, multiple outside seating areas, grills for outdoor cooking, a classroom, high-speed WiFi Internet, and multiple HDTVs.


What if I Am A College Student Looking for Healthcare Experience?

Many of our members use Emergency Medical Service and the experiences they get volunteering with HVAA as a launch pad for a career in healthcare.  Current and former members include Physicians, PAs, DPTs, Nurses, Medical Students, and Athletic Trainers.  We provide flexible membership options to allow students to focus on school while gaining important work and life skills.


What if I'm not interested in going on 9-1-1 calls but I still want to help?

NO PROBLEM!  There are other capacities one may be come involved with if you don’t want to ride an ambulance. Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association needs members to help out behind the scenes with administrative work, fund raising, or other non-emergency jobs.

Can you type, make PowerPoint's, track finances, perform community relations, or perform maintenance work?  We need individuals from every background to help our company function each day.  Complete an application and speak to an officer today about how you may be of help to our organization and YOUR community.


Types of Membership

HVAA has two primary types of membership:

1)  Active Riding (Clinical)-  These volunteer members staff our equipment and respond to emergency calls.  Active Riding Member are asked to commit to 20 duty hours at the station per month.

2)  Administrative-  These members serve primarily non-emergency functions.  This membership level requires less annual time commitment.  Many of our Administrative Members are trained in healthcare and still respond to emergencies. Administrative Members are required to perform 60 hours of service per year.


OK, So How Do I Become a MEMBER?

Becoming a member of Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association is a simple process.

1)  Visit the station or download the Application from our web site.  Submit the application to or drop off a copy at the station. A company officer will contact you with the next steps in the application process.

2)  Complete an interview with a company officer.

3)  Meet the Board of Directors and get voted in as a probationary member.

4)  Complete company orientation and probationary period while completing FREE medical training.

A background investigation and physical exam may be required in addition to a drug screening.


Attaining status as an Emergency Medical Technician or Paramedic takes time and dedication. There are initial and ongoing educational and training expectations placed on emergency response personnel.


Why Volunteer in Baltimore County?


Since it's inception in 1929 the Baltimore County Fire Department has seen an ever increasing in the need for fire, emergency medical services, and rescue services. And today despite the many paid stations throughout Baltimore county, volunteer stations continue to grow and prosper, calling on citizens for their time and support. 33 independent organizations form the Baltimore County Volunteer Fireman’s Association.



Fundamental training is needed to function as an emergency medical technician or paramedic. ALL formal training related to emergency services is provided to member at NO COST.




As a member of the Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association you are automatically provided with numerous benefits. Some will become immediately available, while others will come as you attain tenure in service.


Benefits offered:

  • Membership in a community centered organization with members ranging from high school students to CEOs.

  • Free formal training in all disciplines related to emergency services.

  • Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP). A retirement benefit after 25 years of service and reaching age 60.

  • Scholarships offered for members and their children by Baltimore County Volunteer Firemen's Association (BCVFA) and the Maryland State Firemen's Association (MSFA).

  • State Tax Credit After 3 years of service. This credit is subtracted from your Maryland income tax.

  • Mileage deductions for personal vehicle use.

  • Workers compensation. Provided by Baltimore County government for qualifying line of duty illness/injury.

  • Line of Duty Death Benefits:

In excess of $400,000


If you are interested in joining us, please send an email, or drop by at 7:30 PM the 2nd Wednesday of each month for our Company Meeting.  Our phone number is 410-887-1935 but please understand that we do not have people at the station at all times.  Sending an email or coming by during one of our events or meetings are the best ways to reach someone.

Any questions, please send an email to the president of our company -


Click Here to Download an Application!!!


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