Saturday, August 13th, 2022
Come on down and join us for Lunch in the Holler. Saturday August 13th 11am to 2pm. We will have hamburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, chips and soda. Come support your local EMS station and get a goo...
Sunday, July 31st, 2022
Medic 535 responded to a call for a motor vehicle accident on 83 with other stations from Maryland and New Freedom and Shrewsbury.
Saturday, July 23rd, 2022
Saturday July 23rd is this Saturday but we will be at Grauls. Not only pit beef but pit ham and pit turkey too! 11am to 2pm or until we sell out (which happened last month) so come early if you can.
Monday, July 4th, 2022
Our volunteers will be staffing the ATV on the NCR today. Say hi if you see us! Updated: What a beautiful day! 3 of our members drove the ATV up the NCR trail to Bentley and back. No medical assis...
About us


Hereford EMS is a volunteer, non-profit ambulance company in Northern Baltimore County, MD.


We provide two Advanced Life Support ambulances to the citizens of Baltimore County.  In 2016 we responded to well over 2,000 requests for service. 


Our volunteers are everyday people who have heard the call to help fellow community members.




If you are interested in joining us, call us at 410-887-1935, email us, or drop by at 7:30 PM the 2nd Wednesday of each month for our Company Meeting.

Any Questions, Please Email


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History of the Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association


Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association (HVAA), also known as Hereford EMS, has been providing emergency services to the people of northern Baltimore County since 1952.  Since that time, there have been many changes. When we began, our nearest hospital was Union Memorial Hospital located at Calvert and 33rd Streets in Baltimore City.  Interstate 83 and the Beltway had not been built yet, so it was a long trip.  Early care providers had only first aid training, and the goal of early ambulance services was to get the patient in the ambulance and speed down the road as quickly as possible.  As the years passed, St. Joseph Medical Center and GBMC were built. The level of training and certification also saw a dramatic increase. These advances allowed us to provide better patient care and get the patient to the hospital more safely.


During those early years, the Company's quarters were a small one bay building next to the present Hereford Volunteer Fire Company.  There was no running water in the building. In the winter, many times, fluid and medication had to be stored at the home of a nearby member so they wouldn't freeze.  At last, in 1986, the Company was able to build and move into its current quarters, a 3,200 square foot metal building with all the modern amenities – running water and flush toilets.  In 1991, the Company added a 2,400 square foot addition that included a third bay, maintenance area and training room.  Over the past several years, we have added a kitchen with a lounge area and a garage with room for the Engineer's tools.


Initially, the Company offered only ambulance service.  The nearest rescue service came from Lutherville. In 1989, Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association added a second service – a rescue unit, Rescue 533 – and became Hereford EMS/Rescue.  With the addition of more equipment and trained personnel, the unit was re-designated as Squad 533.  We recently added an ATV uniquely equipped to handle a patient and a care provider. In 2013, the decision was made to discontinue the Squad service due to low call volume and a commitment to providing excellent EMS care to the community.  In 2014 Utility 532 was outfitted with a new rescue body to hold many of the tools once on Squad 533. In the same year HVAA was authorized to add a second ambulance. In 2016 that ambulance was upgraded to ALS level thanks to the hard work of our members.  HVAA continues to upgrade equipment and training as Hereford EMS pursues its mission to provide quality EMS and rescue services to its district.



Mission Statement: The Hereford Volunteer Ambulance Association (HVAA) provides outstanding emergency medical services (EMS), all-terrain vehicle (ATV) response, and light rescue support in the local community and elsewhere, as requested by the Baltimore County Fire Department or via mutual aid to other regions.


Vision: The HVAA supports the community with educational opportunities related to EMS.The HVAA supports the community with EMS and ATV services for local events.


  • To provide consistent and outstanding emergency medical services to the Baltimore County community

  • To provide volunteer healthcare opportunities to the Baltimore County community

  • To provide healthcare related education to the citizens of the local community

  • To foster healthy people in the local community

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